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Tips for the best fire

Getting your fire going is probably the most important aspect of making a fire. There are some things you can do or try to make sure you have the best fire possible, whether it's a family game night or just getting cosy with your sweetheart. Start by having your fire wood delivered.

Storing your fire wood

The storing of your firewood is just as important as building a good fire, in fact if fire-wood is not stored properly you will see the difference in the fire.

Storing firewood off the ground will keep it dry and pest free.How to store your fire wood.

Building a good fire

Building a good fire depends on a number things, the fire wood is probably number one on the list and then how you store it and of course a source of pride among men (especially around a braai) is how the fire built and how well it burns.

How to build a fire

  1. Open a window in the room and open the damper on the chimney. (You should feel a slight breeze). This helps the fire breath in the initial stages and also helps keep the room clear of smoke.
  2. Place your pile of kindling in the centre of the fireplace with the ends pointing upwards, sort of like a teepee. The picture on the right shows a kindling fire.
  3. Place two logs on either side of the kindling with the outer ends further apart and resting on the grate of the fireplace.
  4. Light the kindling, as it burns slowly move the logs toward the flames. Take care not to smother the fire.
  5. Once the logs catch fire allow them to burn for a while before addong any more wood.
  6. Move the first two logs so that they are completely in the fire. Lay a fresh pice of fire wood horizantally over the now burning fire.
  7. Add more fire-wood gradually in order to avoid smothering the flames.

What if the room fills up with smoke

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