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Ordering your fire wood and having it delivered to your door is not only a convenience it's a pleasure.

Where do we deliver our fire wood to?

Sandton, Melville, Parktown, Greenside, Fourways, Roodepoort, Florida, Wilgeheuewel, Auckland Park in fact we deliver firewood to most of Johannesburg.

Order your fire wood now!
011 482 5135

Whichever option you choose we will ready your order and as soon as we receive payment we will call you to confirm a time frame for delivery.

Delivery Times

Because we deliver all over Johannesburg and traffic doesn't always play along we prefer to work with in one of the following windows.

Morning 9am to 12pm
Afternoon 12pm to 3pm
Late afternoon 2pm to 5pm

All you need to do is ensure that someone will be at home to let our delivery guy in. Your fire wood will be delivered to the closest point that our vehicle can reach. Store your firewood to prevent it from becoming unusable, read our storage tips.

Plan Ahead

Make sure you have enough firewood for those cold days. Check the weather forecast for a few days in advance and order enough wood to keep you warm over the cold days.

You can check the Johannesburg weather forecast by clicking here: Weather Forecast


Order now!
011 482 5135


e-mail: sales@egenie.co.za